Friday, June 7, 2019

FTP Server Function settings for your tplink wifi router

Tplink router devices need some settings from your end because configurations are only useful for some basic functions. User manual of your tplink devices is useful for getting these settings but not every user can read the user manuals easily when you access tp link access point login page from your computer or mobile device, you will get access to the main dashboard. tp link router login
This dashboard includes all settings for tplink devices. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss about FTP server settings for all tplink routers. All tplink router means you can use these steps for tplink router models and tplink adapter devices.
Here are Steps to Configure FTP Server Settings for TP-Link Routers
1.     Get access tplink router dashboard.
2.     After that connect your USB device to the USB port of tplink router device.
3.     Click on “Advance” tab from the main dashboard page.
4.     Under the “USB Settings” tab you can find and click on “Device Settings” button.
5.     Click on “Scan” button and when you click on this button, your router device will start finding and scanning all USB devices that are connected to you router device.
6.     Click on “File Sharing” button that you will find under the “USB Settings” tab.
7.     Fill your user name and password and then click on “Save” button.
8.     If you want some other USB sharing settings then these settings will also possible from this tab. Click on check box for the settings that you want for your device.
9.     When you need to share all files and folders that are saved to your device then click on “Share All” tab and all computer device will able to access all files from your USB.Reset tp-link router to device setting. admin
These are simple steps for making FTP server settings for tplink device using tp link access point login page.      

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